Venue recommendations for an album launch in London please!
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Would very much appreciate recommendations for a venue to launch an album in London!

We're a fairly melancholy Scottish alternative rock outfit, with cello, keyboard, clarinet.

A 200 ish capacity venue, with a decent sized stage to fit at least six musicians would be ideal. Good sound fairly important.

I promise to buy a few pints at the launch for anyone who suggests the right venue!
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The Lexington, in Islington? Or the Windmill, in Brixton?
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The Horse Hospital.
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The Windmill is good (and it's my local). The stage isn't huge but I've seen acts with six or seven members play there. It's a dive, but they take their music very seriously - every gig, you'll see the sound man walk away from his desk to stand in the crowd to check the sound, even if its a support band and the place is nearly empty. Also, they have a dog. On the roof. He is called Roof Dog and has hundreds of fans on Facebook, with whom he discusses his love of Mario Balotelli.

Lexington is also a good venue.

If you want somewhere in East London, I've enjoyed shows at the Macbeth and Zigfrid von Underbelly recently.

Let me know if you play at the Windmill and I'll come down.
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