Knees need fixin'
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Because of a change in insurance policies, I need to find a new orthopedist. Does anyone have any experience with NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases or any recommendations in NYC?

I previously went to Hospital for Special Surgery, which I loved, but my new insurance does not cover them.
I'm looking for any recommendations/good or bad experiences. If not NYU Hosptial for Joint Diseases, who would you recommend in NYC?

My specific issue is advanced osteo in my knees and my previous doc was a specialist in sports injuries; she was pretty amazing in both daignosis and treatment.
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nobody at HSS? sad! i like dr. stark at sports medicine at chelsea, who is a sports medicine primary care physician, NOT a surgeon. i'm not clear whether you already know you need surgery. if you're not sure, dr. stark might be a good place to start. i did have knee surgery (ACL reconstruction) through someone at HJD many years ago. it was unremarkable. surgery went fine, knee healed fine, works fine, but i didn't love the surgeon so much i went back when i needed surgery on the other knee. i can dig up his name if you'd like.
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Just PM'd you. Feel free to ask me questions, I used to work there. It's a really awesome hospital, in my opinion.
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If you don't find anyone at HJD you want as your doctor, try one of the doctors as Insall-Scott-Kelly. Dr. Giles Scuderi was one of the doctors I consulted at first for ACL reconstruction, though I ultimately ended up going to HSS when I found my insurance did cover a few knee doctors there.
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Thanks all. I will check out all of your suggestions.

nevers, I already know that I need a knee replacement in one knee and a bone graft in another. I am missing cartilage in 2/3 rd of the left knee, and what is remaining is barely 1 mm thick. The other knee isn't as bad but I apparently was born with part of my knee plate(?) missing and it didn't pop up until the problems with the other knee.
I am putting off surgery for as long as possible. In the meantime, the reason I am able to walk at all is because I get Supartz injected into the knee. This miracle fluid acts as a cushion and shock absorber, and acts as a replacement for the lost cartilage. It allows me to more or less go about like a regular person. I can't run anymore, or carry heavy things, but beyond that I'm almost good as new.
The problem is, it's a series of injections into the knee. Into the knee. Big big potential for some big pain there. I've read horror stories about people who have had these injections go wrong.
I'm convinced that a lot has to do with the skill of the administrator. When my doc (Dr. Sabrina Strickland, who is amazing) gave me injections I barely even felt them. And they worked instantly. I went from not being able to walk at all, even with crutches because the jarring movement was so painful, to being able to to walk and even cross my legs while sitting immediately after the first injection.
These things were life savers to me. But. They also scare the crap out of me because it seems if done wrong they can a source of ongoing pain.
So I probably should have been more precise with my question, but I will do some research into the info given.
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Sorry, I forgot we went with Euflexxa instead of Supartz...
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