Purse repair in Chicago
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Anyone know a good handbag repair shop in Chicago? I've got an expensive (leather, fabric lining) purse that I broke the zipper on and would like to have it fixed.

The leather repair shop on Broadway and Belmont is great for shoes, but the last time I took a bag there, the lining came back screwed up. So I'm looking for other recommendations.
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I've been impressed with the work at the shoe/bag repair place in the Millennium Metra station, pedway level, down the concourse from the Mexican restaurant and the Subway, across from the flower shop at the end. Not sure they even have a name, but I've always been very happy with the skill, speed, and price of their work. Just walk in.
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I checked that place when I walked past it just now and it doesn't have a name on the outside. But I think it's called Metro Shoe Repair -- as that lines up to all of the addresses at that section of the pedway as I understand it. (151 E. Randolph Street, Chicago, IL)

Either way I have had shoes repaired* there and I really liked the service. And as I walked by I noticed tons of stuff ready to pick up so they must be doing something right.

* And keys made, but that's even less relevant.
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The Shoe Hospital on the west side of Dearborn, south of Jackson?
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