Help me hydrate - I need the perfect bottle
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Does my ideal drink container exist?

I am on the market for a travel beverage container. I require:

- Absolutely non-reactive even with acidic juice, etc. (so no stainless or aluminum bottles, things end up tasting metallic)

- Able to hold something hot or cold, preferably thermally stable for a good time but doesn't have to be a vac bottle.

- Can be cleaned easily and does not absorb stains or odors at all - I might carry coffee in this one day and juice the next, so this is really key. Most plastics would fail this point, but maybe there's some miracle plastic out there that is also safe with hot things. I also hate those pop-up plastic lids on vac bottle that are impossible to keep clean inside.

- Not overly large; much more than 20oz is overkill, slim and non-bulky designs are appreciated. Hopefully it fits in a standard cup holder or water bottle cage on my bike.

So, is there something that meets my picky requirements out there? I've only found one glass model that comes close.
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How about a glass water bottle?
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One of these with a sturdy lid.
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Best answer: Takeya makes great glass bottles like this one. It fits all your criteria.
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I haven't tried it but I like the Cuppow.
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The indestructible boy scout classic Nalgene is more than okay with hot temperatures, and does not absorb coloring/odors
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Tervis tumblers? I think they are pretty impervious to odors, but they are still plastic. They have several different lid options so you can switch them out for different drinks. Plus they are pretty good at insulating.
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Hang on, do you just want it to be heatproof and coldproof? Or do you actually want something like a thermos bottle?
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I use the Lifefactory glass bottle and I love it. It's glass so the bottle doesn't alter the taste of drinks and the entire bottle is dishwasher safe.
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You already have the container. Here's the lid.
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2nding Nalgene. Something like this one might work -- it's 24 oz but pretty slim & streamlined.
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