Specific site for legal bootleg downloads -- help me re-find it please!
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On my old computer (bookmarks now lost, sadly), I used to always go to a site that had free legal downloads of unreleased bootlegs of music shows. There was a bit of an emphasis on classic rock -- Dylan, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, etc. Now I can't remember what it was called! Can anyone help?
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Archive.org's live music archive, perhaps?
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Or possible etree?

I'm skeptical that there were actually legal free concert downloads of Neil Young, the Rolling Stones, and Dylan. Etree is a good place to check for that, though. They are very strict about only allowing downloads from bands who have given permission.
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Information about Trade-Friendly bands.
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Wolfgang's Vault?
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"Free, legal, and Dylan" is like "Good, fast, and cheap" -- pick two. On the etree website, they even specifically mention Dylan as an example of a musician who is not trade-friendly. If you are positive that Dylan was one of the musicians, you probably can focus on websites that offer illegal downloads.
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Another vote for Wolfgang's Vault. IIRC, their stuff was free several years ago, and over time they slowly introduced per-download fees.
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Response by poster: Now that you have me thinking about it, they may not have been only putting up bootlegs approved by the bands. But I do remember that they pretty scrupulously weeded out music that was available on official releases -- you'd have a whole concert, for instance, but then one or two tracks would be disabled because recordings of the same performance ended up on a live album.

+1 to Wolfgang's Vault. Not the one I'm thinking of, but they are great (and -- disclaimer -- a sister company to my employer).
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Rock and Pop Bootlegs?
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Traders Den?
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I remember this site too, and I think it's the BigO Zine's Audio Archive. I found it via this thread on the blue.
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Sorry, that link doesn't take you to the page with downloads - but this one does. The sidebar indicates that a recording is available for download with the word "open," but apparently you can email them for specific recordings, too.
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Sharing the Groove?
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Response by poster: BigO Zine is the one! Thanks so much! And thanks to everyone else for all the great suggestions; I've now got some new sites to check out!
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Wow, BigO has live Buffalo Springfield! I've been looking for that for years.
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