Making the most of a layover in Iceland?
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Four adults, two teenagers, two elementary-aged kids, and a 7 hour layover in Reykjavik. What can we do with that?

The end of this summer's big extended-family vacation culminates in a long layover in Iceland. We'd love to get out of the airport and see something cool, eat something awesome, maybe soak in a hot spring--we'll be tired and not up to anything strenuous (no long hikes or bike rides) but other than that we're open to anything. None of us has ever been there, other than quick trips through the airport.

Where do we go, how do we get there, and is there anything that can be done in a few hours that we absolutely shouldn't miss? Special credit for restaurant recommendations and specific foods we should make a point of trying--we all love to eat.
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Blue Lagoon.

A bus trip there will provide you with all you want: lockers for your luggage if any, a snack bar or proper restaurant if you are hungry, and the pool, the beautiful pool.

Look for Reykjavik bus line at the airport, better yet - buy tickets online before you leave and save some money.
They stop at the Lagoon it's only 30 - 40 mins from the airport, and a favorite destination for those like you who have several hours to while away at Keflavik.
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I came to say the same thing, and that Blue Lagoon might actually be your only option. Reykjavik's about 1.5 hrs away by bus. That 3 hrs of travelling plus the inevitable getting on and off and waiting will cut your layover time by half.
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Blue Lagoon!
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Yeah, again, the Blue Lagoon. It may be touristy, but good lord is it touristy for a reason. (SPOILERS: The reason is because it's AWESOME.)
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Yup, Blue Lagoon is the correct answer here. Enjoy it, it is indeed awesome!
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Yes, Blue Lagoon. In 7 hours you can have at least one long, leisurely soak and a lovely lunch or snack. As a kicker, when you're done you can shower and get on your plane feeling clean and fresh.

I will also add that I found it worth it to do the most basic upgrade package (was like 20 or 25 euro when I was there, back in January) - we each got bathrobes, slippers, a free drink at the bar, and a volcanic mud mask to wear in the Lagoon. It was wonderful. Really one of the most amazing places I've ever been.
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Oh, and forgot to link - we hit the Blue Lagoon on our way back to the airport and just booked through Icelandair, here. You may pay a little more, but they organize everything for you every step of the way. All you have to do is show up where and when they tell you.
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They had me at "free mud". Thanks, guys! You're all the best answer!
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Just to follow up--we hit the Blue Lagoon and it was terrific to the point that we're trying to figure out how to make every vacation detour through Iceland somehow. Thank you again, everyone.
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