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Name that swingin' kid-appropriate tune!

I was in some overpriced kids' store several months ago and on the overhead they were playing this really delightful song. It sounded like something from the 50's. It was a male and female duet, maybe Rosemary Clooney, maybe Doris Day, and some other guy whose voice I couldn't place.

The lyrics were all built around the alphabet: A is for [something], B because I love you, C is for [something], and so forth. I wish I could remember the exact lyrics, and because I can't, my attempts at googling this are proving to be laughably futile.

The song wasn't specifically aimed at kids; it was more like one of the cute novelty songs from that era like "Bushel and a Peck."

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I'd really like to include it on my kid's playlist, since she is all about the alphabet these days.
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Best answer: Possibly this?
posted by Garm at 6:09 PM on June 28, 2012

Best answer: Your description also made me think of "A, You're Adorable" -- here's a version from Sharon, Lois & Bram that a kids' store might play.
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Best answer: The Wikipedia entry for "A, You're Adorable" also mentions this duet from Jo Stafford and Gordon MacRae that sounds like a good match for your description.
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Response by poster: Yes! "A, You're Adorable"! THAT IS IT. You guys kick ASS -- an answer in under ten minutes. Thank you so very much!
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