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Where to shop for fashionable men's clothes in NYC?

I would like to go to NYC this weekend to try on lots of shirts. I am familiar with the big stores in SoHo, such as Uniqlo and Zara. But I find that Uniqlo is better for basics, and Zara, while trendy, tends to cut very long arms even for size S (I'm 5'8"). I could comb through SoHo in detail. But if there are particular stores or areas outside of SoHo that would maximize my success, I would love to know. Specifically, I am hunting for:

1. The perfect T-shirt. You know, those snug yet not tight, with biceps & chest properly filling out the fabric (let's assume I've worked out enough for this purpose). I have an American Apparel Summer T which comes extremely close to this.

2. Alternative dressy wear. For example, some of my European coworkers often wore mandarin-collar dress shirts, and I love the clean, smart look. I bought one from Zara, but its sleeves are over by an inch or two.

3. Alternative casual wear. For example, Charlie Holloway's buttoned henley in the bedroom scene of Prometheus. (I'd guess that his came from H&M).

Setting off early Saturday morning. Wish me luck!
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I don't know what your price range is, but please allow for tailoring. Sleeve shortening is something a tailor can do, if the shirt is otherwise perfect. T-shirts can even be tailored (and those that you see in movies or on celebrities that are perfect-fitting are). Seriously, clothes don't fit anyone, allow for tailoring.
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Ben Sherman on Spring Street!
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Surprisingly, my favorite well-fitting t-shirts come from Target. Simple v- and crew-necks by Mossimo, and incredibly cheap. But hey, I'm 6'2", so might not work for you.
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My favorite t-shirts come from MUJI, and they are hell-of cheap. They also have my favorite socks and underwear. That is all...
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My fiancé says: walk up to St. marks on broadway, turn right, pass the punk vintage stores and go into all the fancy vintage stores until you get to Ave A.
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Topman is pretty big on henleys. There's a Mango which supposedly carries men's – I've never been, but looks like this. Bloomingdales has a Soho branch, but also check out consignment-- INA Men's and Tokio 7. Good luck!
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