Driving from Barcelona to Girona
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Barcelona --> Girona We're picking up a rental car at noon in Barcelona in order to drive to Girona for dinner at 9pm. Any suggestions for routes to take? Or stops along the way? Is there anything significant or beautiful that we should see along the way? Or is it worth taking a longer route in order to visit a town or site? As long as we make it to Girona for our 9:00pm dinner reservation, we're open to any suggestions you might have.
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The old town of Girona itself is well worth a visit.
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Celler de Can Roca ?

Just check out Girona - its a beautiful place. Can Roca is great. I got engaged there.
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Seconded. I would drive straight to Girona, and ramble around before dinner.
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Also I'm waiting for a Catalan nationalist to freak out about the name mefi automatically appended to this post.
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Yes, our dinner is at Celler de Can Roca!
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In Girona, eat at Draps. A wonderful restaurant that we ate at a few years ago.

Also, consider driving a few hours(?) north of Girona to Figures to see the Dali Museum.

Never mind, I see you're just going to Girona for dinner. (Why drive, there are excellent trains between Barcelona and Girona.)
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We were advised to drive as there would not be a train back to Barcelona after dinner.
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That is absolutely true IME.
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