Any info on Gaziantep,Turkey?
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My daughter just got a Fulbright ETA Fellowship to Gaziantep,Turkey. Anyone been there? Info on what to visit, where not to go? She lived a year in Istanbul in college and we traveled through European Turkey as a family several times when she was younger, but I am curious about how conservative this part of Turkey is. It is close to Aleppo, which normally I would encourage her to visit, but the recent Turkish/Syrian political situation may change my feelings on that. She is a very experienced traveller and open-minded to new experiences.
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Since she lived in Istanbul for an entire year, she's probably familiar enough with the country that she's already been to Mt. Nemrut and Cappadocia, and Gaziantep is part and parcel of that "tourist route." While she's there, it's worth visiting Urfa and Harran. It's also nearby enough for a weekend trip to Antakya.

That said, I am a man, and traveling alone as a woman in Turkey may be different.
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Oh! I have a friend who did that Fullbright! Check your mefimail!
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When I was in Turkey in February, traveling anywhere close to the border with Syria was very iffy. I'm not sure how this will impact her scholarship, but it would likely preclude visiting Aleppo.

That said, this was the conventional wisdom for tourists. It sounds like she may be at a different level of familiarity with Turkish geography, culture, etc.

As a woman traveling alone to Istanbul, I felt absolutely no threat or anything different from being a woman alone in Paris or Berlin. That said, I'm aware that the eastern part of the country is culturally much more conservative.
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She should not go to Aleppo, or anywhere near Syria right now. I have good info that Aleppo is a bloodbath zone and/or is one in the making. There's plenty to enjoy in Turkey. Sounds like an amazing opportunity.
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Thanks for the info everyone. She really loves Turkey and the Balkans, but it will be quite interesting for her to be on the Asian end.
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