All dressed up and nowhere to go?
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Help me find or create a calendar of events in Orlando that would be suitable for a couple in a tuxedo and gown or cocktail dress. Not just things that are in the near future, but year round types of things!

Help a couple I know who likes to get dressed up and is willing to eat a crappy "chicken or fish?" dinner and maybe donate some money to a good cause (like, $100 tops each at some point).

Not big drinkers. Fairly liberal. They like Ballet and Symphony and interesting speakers. They can each sort of dance a little, and are willing to improve their skills in that area!
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While I'm in the Orlando area, that isn't really my scene, but if I were looking for events like that, I would start by calling up various local non-profits or theater companies to see if they offer events like that. Off the top of my head, the Orlando Repertory Theatre might be a good place to start. Likewise, United Arts might have suggestions, too. Good luck!
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