Buy one neutering, get one free?
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CatFilter: My family recently inherited a bushelful of cats, including quite a few kittens who are getting to the age wherein they need to be fixed lest they start producing more (inbred, in this case) kittens with each other! There are a lot of cats, however, and minimal funding with which to fix them. Does anyone have any recommendations for the cheapest spayings/neuterings in the Northern Virginia area? Thanks!
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Contact Alley Cat Allies

(sorry, not sure how to make the link so you can just click on it)
They should be able to direct you to resources in your area. Thanks for helping these poor kitties.
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Is this a feral colony, or is it a bunch of possibly-adoptable cats? There are different solutions.
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Calling a local vet and/or SPCA to see if they have any suggestions would be a logical first step were it me.
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It may be a bit of a drive, but I think the Kincheloe Spay/Neuter clinic in Fredericksburg is a bit cheaper that most of the other area options ($40 males/$55 females, vs. $50-100 for most other low-cost spay/neuter clinics in the area).
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Response by poster: jeather: Possibly-adoptable cats. Very adorable--I know I'm violating MeFi ettiquete by not posting oodles of pics.
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Response by poster: We're intending to adopt most of them out once they're all "good to go," as it were. Otherwise, very healthy, very fortunately!
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Call around, I am sure that a vet, understanding your situation, will be more than happy to give you a group rate.

When I was helping a friend place nine kittens (from 2 mommies) our vet was awesome about helping us out with all the kitten stuff, de-worming and shots. We got everything at cost because we ultimately found homes for nine of kitties and one that another vet customer had brought in.
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Contact Animal Allies - I adopted my kittens from them, and they mentioned that they have a vet who does spaying/neutering at a very low cost for them. If you are willing to pay the bill, they may be willing to let you take advantage of their pricing since you're essentially rescuing the animals for them.
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And it's pretty common for rescue groups to ask the people who are adopting cats to pay a small fee to help defray the initial veterinary costs incurred by the rescuer.
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My local rescue/shelter organization runs regular low-cost (or no-cost) spay and neuter programs for the public (well, the public's pets), as part of their mandate to reduce the number of unwanted animals. Might want to call up your local shelter and ask them for their recommendations. (I shouldn't even be answering this, since you did not include the required adorable photos...)
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Check with your local humane society. Someone just told me that the one here has a program to spay and neuter pets (and do all shots) for only $10! I'm sure your situation is just what it caters to. I'd also contact local no kill shelters, they probably have contacts for cheap spay/neuter. Your city "pound" may also offer discounts.
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If you are in Fairfax County, the animal shelter operates a low-cost spay/neuter program. Pretty sure that Alexandria City does something similar (in cooperation with a vet clinic in the District IIRC).

Note that the cats must have their rabies vaccine before they can participate in the program, so you'll need to get that taken care of. You may want to see if you can get a mobile vet to come and vaccinate them all at some sort of group rate, rather than taking them all in. That's what I'd do, anyway; I'm not sure how many cats there are to a bushel but it sounds like a lot.
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Animal Welfare League of Arlington (which is finally No Kill YAY) lists local low cost spay/neuter resources, as well as offering their own program.
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