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I am considering self-publishing an e-book. What are some resources for creating the most professional version of an e-book? I'm talking about design, layout, distribution, etc. I'm looking for both tips and links to the best books/websites on the matter. I'm fortunate enough to have some money to spend, if that affects your answer.
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The Self-Publishing subforum on has loads of helpful advice and suggestions for resources. Good luck with your book!
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Follow the #eprdctn tags on twitter. There is also a #eprdctn circle on google+

Formats are going to be a bigger concern than money. iBooks Author is great if you want to get it done quickly.

If you are at all a designer I would suggest you focus on learning the ePub spec.

I put a book of poems in the iBookstore. It took me days to design in HTML and CSS and I already had it done for the web.

I'll dig through my "ePub" folder and post some links to sites for you this evening.
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A friend of mine, who is a writer, now uses Smashwords
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LaTex always produces beautiful books.
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As a librarian who may be cataloging your book, please try to stick to the standards of what appears on a title page and the title page verso (the back of the title page). Many of the self-published books that we get stand out as very unprofessional because they lack these vital bits of information.

On the title page try to have the title, author name, place of publication and the publisher. On the verso, date of publication and copyright, isbn, and any copyright information.

Also, please don't get too fancy or long with your title. It's a bear to parse out something like, "Self-publishing, or writing random things on a page: a novel of how one librarian went insane and killed off CreateSpace, iUniverse, and other by Teleri025 and friends".
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Down and dirty if you don't mind some coding but solid is Castro's EPUB Straight to the Point: Creating ebooks for the Apple iPad and other ereaders
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Best answer: Rudy Rucker has recently worked through this problem and described his process with typical candor and humor.
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