Outlook 2010 tortures my poor corporate soul
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Outlook 2010 Filter - Why oh why do the changes I make to body portion of .oft email templates not save correctly? Woah not all at once now!

This has been driving me crazy for a while now and I have no clue what is going on. My company used to have Outlook 2007 and I did not have this problem, but about 2 months ago we upgraded to Outlook 2010 and I have been banging my head since.

Okay here I go. The problem: I have an email template saved on a network drive shared amongst the company as a .oft file. There have been several revisions of this email template throughout the year, but it is currently saved as the most recent version. I can open the template which has a subject, recipients, body text, etc etc just fine and it shows as the most current version as I can tell by the dates and such. But for some reason, it will not save any changes I make to the body portion of the email and instead show old text that belonged to a long previous version of the .oft template. It will save changes I make to the subject line, recipients, and attachments just not the body text.

This is especially annoying after editing an email that has lots of numbers, calendar date updates, etc only to see it not save correctly.

The kicker is, if I open the .oft, save it to the draft folder, and re-open it from there and then modify the body portion of the email, and save it again, it WILL save the changes! From my draft folder = good, directly from the shared company drive = bad???

If someone has any idea how I can stop this madness I will high five a stranger. Thank you all.
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Response by poster: "it will not save any changes to I make to the body portion of the email " =
"it will not save any changes I make to the body portion of the email when saved to the draft folder"
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No obvious answer from Googling around. Did see this, which may be informative?

This MS support page seems to suggest (see down at the bottom) that maybe templates have to be saved locally.
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