Prefixes in a series--help!
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Grammar question: How to treat hyphenated prefixes when used in a series.

I'm editing a sentence (AP style) that refers to a series of things with prefixes, and the prefixes themselves are arranged serially. That is, it reads, "land-, sea- and air-based thingamajigs." (Not the actual sentence since the document is confidential, but you get the idea.) Is this the correct way to arrange this series?
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Best answer: That's how I have always done it. (Of course, I use the Oxford comma, but that's a different argument altogether.)
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Response by poster: I'm an Oxford man myself, but I have to follow a particular style in this case. Thanks!
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That is certainly how I'd do it.

As a Brit, I'd just like to say that the Oxford comma is evil and must die. Except when context requires it, naturally. :-)
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