How do I get Hollywood OS on my laptop?
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How do I get Hollywood OS on my Laptop?

If I wanted to get a cool simulation of hacking, or say the screens from Global Frequency on my laptop for a LRP game I'm running what would I have to use? The kind of app that has a button that says 'Hack the Pentagon yes/no'. Are there any screensavers or the like that do this?
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Mocking them up in PowerPoint or similar presentation package would probably be the simplest, depending on how involved you want to get for an LRP prop...
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1) Write a big ass text file filled with hackerish things.

2) Write a batch (*.bat) file that contains the line: type textfilename.txt (repeat if needed)

3) if that's too short, write a batch file that calls the first batch file multiple times.


N) Open command prompt in fullscreen mode. Type name of desired batch file. Watch pretty text scroll by at blinding speed.

Otherwise, use Flash.

Or a sheet of cardboard that has "hax teh pentagon!" on it and a shiny red button.
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Best answer: Get linux, and mod the heck out GUI (Enlightenment?)
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Best answer: Looks pretty hackerish to me
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Uplink - it's a PC game and is pretty much designed to be a Hollywood h4x0r simulation.
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If you want a text-scrolling version like loquacious mentioned, another way to do it would be a quick script to generate some random sentences out of a hax0r word file, and be sure to include lots of big random numbers.

connect node failure: 004992.498992
now accessing memory zone: 29ajfffd#023003
@(#(($ LINE ERROR ENCOUNTERED 290030300**)(#)--

Just have the script spit out a line every 2-5 seconds. Run it in a Terminal or a Command Prompt, change the text color to be green on black, and enjoy.

Otherwise, I second loquacious's mention of Flash. Or Shockwave Director, if anybody still uses that thing.
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If you have access to Visual Basic it's very easy to make up things like forms with 1 button that reads "Hack the planet!" that launches a flashing red/black screen with a skull on it.
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install *nix, install blackbox/fluxbox. Doesn't get more movie-hackerish than that.
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