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Where can a guy with long legs and muscular calves get interesting socks that fit?

I want a pair of orange socks. I want socks with interesting colors and patterns. Primary colors, unusual shades, weird combinations... anything but the standard black, blue, gray, brown and tan. I also want socks that fit. My calves are fairly muscular, and I tend to have problems with socks that either aren't elastic enough to fit over my calves comfortably or that do fit over my calves but only go high enough that they're always sliding down to the narrower part of my leg. I end up with my socks pooled around my ankles or with impaired circulation in my feet. My ideal socks would be over-the-calf and thicker than a sheer dress sock. Like the Gold Toe brand over-the-calf socks, but also interesting. Any suggestions?
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I have a similar problem, but with me it's just keeping dress socks up. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but I'm considering some sock garters.
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Snowboarding socks! There are some soccer socks that will get you bright colors too, but not many patterns.
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I'm not certain what height you're asking for - I can't imagine you want knee socks - more than you want standard height (mid-calf) socks that won't droop or cut off circulation, and are ideally not boring?

Smart Wool has a decent selection of argyle and stripey socks, and you might also have luck at Nordstrom.
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This is what you want.
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sock dreams

they list calf/maximum stretch measurements for many the socks they carry which will be able to give you a good idea of how they'll fit you. They carry tons of fun socks sorted by height.

comes in bright orange
gun holster
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Hmm. What have you tried so far? I follow a lot of NBA players on Instagram who have long legs & muscled calves and I see them wearing Happy Socks, Richer Poorer, etc.
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NBA players, as a rule, have chicken legs! They are some of the finest athletes on the planet, to be sure, but you don't fly like they do with thick calves. Having said that, thanks for the brand suggestions. They look promising. I actually haven't tried much because I don't tend to see interesting socks in the stores. And I haven't really paid attention to brands up to this point because if something looks stretchy enough to fit and solid enough to not lose its shape after a coule wears I'll try it, but by the time I know whether it's a keeper I've usually forgotten what brand it is.

I'm ok with knee socks -- or over-the-calf socks -- because I know they'll stay up, and I actually find them to be more comfortable than mid-calf socks over the course of a long day. I am certainly not opposed to mid-calf though. It's just that "stays up without leaving my legs disfigured" seems to be the exception rather than the rule, so I'm hesitant to roll the dice on an online purchase. Nordstrom seems like a great place to look. I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't think of that.

Thanks for all the other great suggestions so far.
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I have muscular calves (17 inches!) and I wear almost nothing but knee high socks, which I buy from sock dreams. Some of the cuter designs get stretched until they morph, but I especially like the socks under the Sock it to Me label. They also stay up throughout the day.
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