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Where can I buy refills for the sssCat cat training spray?

As a result of many many previous suggestions on Metafilter, we bought about 10 cans of this amazing product. We've run out! Where can we buy more? Amazon doesn't seem to sell them, and all other online stores seem to be out of stock as well.

Thanks for the help!
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There's a where to buy map, but this site says that the refills are on "national backorder" because they're stuck in customs. There are some on eBay, but the price is borderline-gouging, so I won't link.
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I've had luck finding it in remote corners of PetSmart.
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We've given up and switched to the Contech Stayaway.
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You can, very likely, use cheap cans of compressed air from the office supply store (I think you'll want the small-sized ones for this). It's sort of a pain cutting the plastic nozzle/cap off, but I've done it, and it works. I don't know if I just got lucky or any can will fit, though.
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We've been searching for months as well. We finally found a single refill in a PetSmart that we don't normally frequent and I literally danced in the aisle. An employee saw me and said that it was a distribution issue. The company is still in business and they're still making the Ssscat, but it might be a while before we see refills again.

So yeah. Check PetSmarts that you don't normally shop at, or google for the compressed air can modification hack.
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My husband stuck it on a regular can of compressed air and it worked fine.
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