Remember my dinosaur song?
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I'm trying to find a vaguely remembered childhood song about dinosaurs.

I had it on a cassette tape about seventeen years ago. It definitely mentioned pterodactyls, and at some point talked about "B.P. - before people." I call it a song, but I don't really remember if it was mostly spoken word or a true song though I do feel sure there was some music involved... any ideas?
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Was it on Wee Sing Dinosaurs by any chance? My brother and I used to listen to that all the time (though the only song I remember is the one about deinonychus).

With his terrible claaaaaaw...
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Perhaps something (or somethings) from Dinosaur Rock? The album is a mix of spoken word and singing songs. "Leaping Lizards" is about pterodactyls, and I vaguely remember a slow-talking dinosaur telling a story about the time before people.
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Hmm, I'll try to listen to all the Dinosaur Rock clips, but this was definitely just a single song and not a whole album, and I feel like it was less cheery than Wee Sing Dinosaurs or the couple of songs I previewed on Amazon of the Dinosaur Rock songs. I mean, it wasn't a scary song or anything, but it wasn't... ditzy, if that's not too insulting a word? It definitely tried to cram a lot of dino education into one 5-6 minute song. I kind of feel like while it could have had female and/or male voices, that the "BP... stands for before people" bit was in a male voice.
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When listening to Dinosaur Rock, keep in mind that several voices changed from the original. See details in this Amazon customer review:
However, there is one big thing which I personally find disappointing: Dinah Diplodocus' voice and personality have been significantly changed. In the original, Dinah spoke with a slow, heavy, ponderous voice that perfectly called to mind a giant creature longer than a city bus and several stories high. In the new version, her voice is light and airy, and she *giggles.* The new voice is *totally* unsuited to her character. All the other character's voices are pretty much the same, though the new children are a bit squeakier than the old ones.
IMHO, the old Dinah Diplodocus' and kids' voices were much better (but that could be the innocence of youth talking.)
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Was it Our Dinosaur Friends ?

I had it on record in the early 80s, and I am now having some lovely nostalgia.
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