Good whiskey selection in Seattle?
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Are there any liquor stores in Seattle that have a decent bourbon whiskey selection (since the law changed)?

I know Wine and Spirits World does but their markup is crazy. I know Bevmo plans to open stores later this summer. Has anyone seen any of the formerly state run stores re-open with a robust product offering?
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Best answer: I didn't look at anything specifically, but when I dropped by the store at 12th and Pine in Capital Hill recently it seemed to carry more than it used to.
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I'm waiting for BevMo as well as my state store to re-open, which should be next week. Fortunately, I stocked up!
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If you're near U-District/Wallingford, I'm thinking this might be the place for you:

Wine World
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Best answer: Zoyashka, that's the "Wine and Spirits World" mentioned in the post.

uleekunkel, the bartenders I know basically say wait for BevMo. We're in a weird kind of grey area right now, where holders of brand new liquor licenses are trying to make back their outlay by stocking the stuff they know will move; that should change as the market settles in a little. Is there anything in particular you've been looking for?
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My buddy Richard managed a state liquor store in Kirkland and spent the last several years curating a selection of local and small batch bourbons, ryes, and whiskeys. I think he may be hired for a new store in Redmond, but last I heard,that was up in the air. Private message me with your email address and I'll put you in touch with him.

Also, my Mr. says check out Metropolitan Market,but he hasn't been there since the changeover so he isn't sure exactly what they have.
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Has anyone had access to the Coast Guard Exchange on the waterfront? I ask because my Dad, retired Navy, says that the SUBBASE Bangor Package Store (he's from the South, and I don't think he has ever said "liquor store" in his life) has started to carry a broader selection of bourbons (notably they finally added Woodford Reserve which is a staple for me) since the law passed, on the assumption that people who can get by drinking Jim Beam will buy it at the drugstore.

I live close to the QA Metropolitan Market-- I can take a look there.
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Response by poster: Thanks all - I'll check out the Capitol Hill store and otherwise wait for BevMo. Thanks for the offer Matildaben but the east side is too far.

I checked out the Metropolitan Market in upper Queen Anne, I was really disappointed but it is their smallest store I think so that could be an anomaly.
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I live waaaay up north (bothell) but up here, the Fred Meyer of all places had an unusually diverse selection of spirits. I wasn't looking for bourbon specifically, but they did have much, MUCH more than Safeway/QFC/etc.
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Can I ask which Fred Meyer? Was it the one in Shoreline at Aurora & 185th, or some other one? (I'm in the market for a bottle of whiskey myself.)
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The one allllllll the way up in Canyon Park, on 527 north of 405.
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