Can I haz secooritees?
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What kind of security box should I get? Small/affordable ones please!

Okay, so I need to get a box to hold some of my valuable items such as several watches, pictures, etc and I need a box that will prevent my roommate or his friends from snooping around in. My items are mainly just trifles, but they hold a lot of use for me and have a lot of sentimental value.

Let me make a list:
- has to be portable, i.e. not too heavy
- doesn't have to be state-of-the-art, i.e. I don't have people forcefully attempting to break into this box
- has to lock somehow, whether by accessory or by feature
- aesthetically pleasing, i.e. I want to look at it from time to time
- affordable, i.e. prices differ, but I'm going to spend at the most $30 unless you guys can convince me otherwise
- small, i.e. I don't have a lot of room due to all the junk I have as a result of being an artist
- Has to be fireproof, water/airtight optional
I prefer it to be made of metal, and not look as bulky as one of those fire/water proof security suitcases.

I'm kind of picky, but also open to any suggestions at the same time. If it's available at a local Wal-mart or Walgreens, that'd be perfect too; I'm also open for any reliable online sources, but the thing is that I want it now :)
Thanks in advance!
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Googling on "lockbox" turns up a few options. Our definitions of "aesthetically pleasing" may differ, but maybe this, or this?

This is pretty cool and far cheaper than I expected.
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Crap; I blew past "fireproof" when I read your requirements. Never mind me.
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You basic office-supply-store small fire safe?

Probably fails the "aesthetically pleasing" test, as that tends to be at odds with "fire resistant" and "affordable". Sold at office supply and chain stores everywhere, though.
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Can't offer suggestions on the box itself, but could you drape a nice cloth over it to hide it and make it more pleasant to look at? I do that with a junky footlocker I've had since college, and it works wonders.
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I have had several safes and lock-boxes.

You won't get much for $30. There are lower end lock-boxes in that price range, but a good lock-box is more expensive. Both are fire-proof, but the fire rating is different. Lower end is not water-proof (which is important too). Lower end is just easier to break open.

I recommend that you just bite the bullet and buy a small safe. Your stuff is most safe in a safe. Small safes come with anchor kits. The anchors are not hard to install. In order to install or dis-connect the anchor, you need to get into the safe. Anchored to a file cabinet, then to steal the safe, you need to carry off the whole file cabinet. Plus, safes look cool and are mysterious.
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I'm not sure why anyone would want a lightweight lockbox. Whomever wants your stuff doesn't have to open the box to take your stuff, just take the box with everything in it!

Also, there's fireproof as in paper won't burn for a prescribed period of time (e.g., the fire needs to be out in 30 minutes or all bets are off) and then there's a fireproof media safe which means that a harddrive with backups of your photos and financial records will be good for a prescribed amount of time, again varying from safe to safe.

I seriously doubt you'll fand anything that's more secure than a simple locking box that could easily be moved or forced open in under a minute at the $30 price point. So if you're willing to give up any real theft/fire resistance, wander into any store and buy a $30 box with a $5 lock. There is no "better" because they're all just plain boxes with $5 locks.
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Well, after reading all these answers, I'm considering on becoming less picky with my options and just going for whichever one looks nice. I'm not too worried on security, since I'm not worried about the box itself being taken, I just needed something to put things in and make me feel less paranoid about losing stuff.

I've considered safes, but they just are too overpriced for me.

All good answers though, and you guys made me see things in a different pov.
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