Help me find the perfect pen... 1000 of them!
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Help me find the perfect pen... 1000 of them! I have a very specific type of marker in mind - in fact, I've already bought one of them - but I'm having trouble finding this type of marker available in mass quantity. Help?

I need to find a:
  • Dry erase marker
  • Black
  • Fine tip
  • Must have a pen clip (so a clip that could help it hang on to a binder, for example)
  • Must need to be small diameter - more like a pen than a thick marker - about 1/4" in diameter
And I need to order 800-1000 of them.

This would be perfect - I have a few of these - but can't find out how to order more. I've contacted the retailer and tried to contact the manufacturer with no luck. Can you help, Metafilter?
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have you tried contacting dixon ticonderoga and seeing if they will handle a bulk sale to you?
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By going through Amazon Supply, I can add 84 one-dozen boxes to my cart. Would that work?
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Dixon does sell them direct, you just need to contact them.
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If you can use a lower quality item, here's a 4/$1 pack from dollartreedirect. You can probably find a sample one at any Dollar Tree.

Misterart has a good price if you get their "gold" membership, which is worth it for these 1000 pieces.

You could call either place to confirm pricing and possibly get it lower.
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two other similar pens to look for would be the staedtler lumocolor non-permanent universal pen or the stabile ohpen non-permanent universal pen. both are available in a range of colors.
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