August in Marciac advice
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Has anyone attended any of the Jazz Master Classes at Marciac in August? Any words of wisdom to pass along? Where did you sleep? Where did you eat? What were the surprises? What do you recommend to a newcomer? + two extra questions on jazz workshops in general and on this jazz festival in particular..

So, in general, what makes or breaks your experience at a given jazz workshop or master class? How's the peer pressure? After being at it for 6-7 hours, should you just break away from the group, or is time spent talking shop with fellow peers really invaluable?

The Marciac jazz festival - ok, spill your beans! I heard there's a big Woodstock-like atmosphere. What were your impressions? What do you recommend?

Bonus question: so Mariac is in Gers, the least populated area of Europe - what's there to visit in the surroundings? People say I gotta visit Lourdes.. Anywhere else you recommend?

(Thank you all for the advice and suggestions!)
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