All that shoreline, nowhere to wade?
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Will you tell me about secret swimming beaches between or near Baltimore and Washington?

I like natural water bodies rather than pools for my family during the summer, but I am too lazy to make a day trip to the Eastern Shore. I know about Sandy Point State Park, Oregon Ridge, Calvert Cliffs, and Chesapeake Beach.

I'm looking for more little beaches. I don't care if they are on a lake, river, bay, etc. I don't care if they charge me admission. I don't mind if they are somewhat built up (eg, bathrooms or food concessions) or even somewhat crowded. I just want them to be close enough for my toddlers to be able to manage a half day trip there without whining my ear off in the car...when are we gonna get there? are we there yet?

Any suggestions? Feel free to memail me if you don't want your secret exposed to the universe. Thanks! My future Sundays thank you.
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We went to Beaver Dam when I was a kid.

Google images show the place.

I hate hate hate cold water, but I loved Beaver Dam.

(not eponysterical)
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When I lived in Baltimore I was partial to Kilgore Falls, but it's north of the city. This is actually a good list of Maryland swimming holes.
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Lake Anna in Southern Spotsylvania County - about 90 minutes south of DC on Saturday morning. About 3 hours South of DC on Friday afternoon. It's a State Park with all the usual amenities.
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Cunningham Falls State Park, which is just a bit north of Frederick, has a lake that was one of my favorite places to go as a child. There's a great beach, kayak and canoe rental, etc.
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Like synchronia said, the lake at Cunningham Falls State Park is really nice, and it's a short hike on a very friendly trail to the actual waterfall. Roughly the same distance from DC/Baltimore is Greenbriar State Park, which IMHO tends to be a little more crowded, but is also very pleasant.
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I used to love swimming at Rocky Point State Park, but I don't know what its like there now.
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