Where does the Jamaica-to-Montauk train originate?
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LIRR from NYC to Montauk. When you leave from Penn Sta, there's a transfer at Jamaica. Last time I did this, there were passengers already on the Jamaica train when it pulled in. They had the primo seats, naturally. Where did they get on? [The specific route I have my eye on leaves Jamaica at 2:09 on Tues July 3, arriving Montauk at 4:45 pm.]
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1:49 at Hunterspoint Ave. Right off the 7 train.
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JPD has it. According to the LIRR schedules, Hunterspoint is the only station that doesn't list a transfer at Jamaica for a train to Montauk.
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As a general rule Diesel trains that don't start at Jamaica start at Hunterspoint.
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