What to do with a broken lens?
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A Canon 80-200mm zoom lens I've been holding on to has broken, and fixing it would be more expensive than a replacement. What should I do with it?

Disassembling it and using it as a coffee mug? The lens to a pinhole camera? What's possible and impossible - should I just trash it?

The issue specifically is that an aperture blade is hanging free - the rest of the mechanics are (probably) functional and unharmed.
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If I had that, I'd definitely convert it to become an urn for my ashes. Failing that, may I suggest ebay? Damaged lenses do fetch a reasonable price, especially if only something like the aperture is damaged - I'm sure there are some people who have no issues shooting only at max aperture.
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I would take it apart and try to fix it myself. After failing to fix it I would either find something interesting to do with the pieces, especially the glass, or give them to my daughter (age 7) to find something fun to use them for.
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Consider selling it on eBay, making sure to prominently note, in both the listing title and description, that it is BROKEN, and FOR PARTS ONLY. Provide a very detailed description and photos of the issues.

When my old 80-200/f2.8 Nikkor ED zoom literally self-destructed, shattering one internal lens element in the process, I got $350.00 for it back around 2001. At the time, that lens sold for $800.00 brand new.
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