Please help me looking for a film!
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I'm looking for an Western animated film. It's a sci-fi movie with humans almost extinct.

In the beginning, the film shows that earth is being destroyed, while some of the inhabitants flew off with aircrafts the last minute, the main character's father stayed behind.

The film then forwards to the main character in his teen years. He meets the female protagonist while cleaning the window of some space aircraft. She looked up and smiled to him.

Somewhere later in the film, the main character meets his uncle, who helps him throughout the film but was later found to be the antagonist.

There was something about a map to a treasure that would restore earth. The map is the main character's left hand. When he holds it up against the moon, the direction is revealed.

Near the end of the film, the main character's uncle, who was the antagonist, decided to help the main character by connecting two disconnected cables with himself and died in the process.

At the end of the film, Earth is restored from a huge globe.

Thanks ahead to all who helps finding the name!
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Titan AE
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Ah, you are the best!
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