Webcomics as awesome as Teahouse?
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What is as awesome as Teahouse (the NSFW webcomic)? It's elegant, funny, and sexy. Sadly it updates only once a week. Please recommend other fabulous webcomics. Extra points for sexy and elegant.
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Best answer: Tonally, it's very different to Teahouse, but I enjoy The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal. Solid storytelling, great dialogue, and the author's not afraid of small moments.

(Related thread on "American yaoi", which may be of interest.)
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Response by poster: Oh, I'm embarrassed. I searched for "tea house" but not "teahouse" or "yaoi." DOH.

Thanks :)
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Best answer: Funny, I was just reading there and considering whether buying the actual print comic would make it past my border's maniacal censor brigade.

Starfighter is okay, though it does seem to go from "horrible abuse!" to "I must have you!" Same very pretty artwork an man-love thing.

Actually Teahouse was featured on mefi fairly recently. That along with a bunch of other American made Yaoi.

Now on top of that, the artists behind Red String and couple of other web comics have Filthy Figments, a mix of yaoi and straight comics by female artists for female readers but a good part of their content is for pay.

There's also for pay porn content through drowtales, if you're into the elf thing, and for that matter the full free run of Elf Quest as put up by the creative studio that made it- that's "pretty" and even though the online version has a little more of the sex spelled out than the print run did, it's not porn and the gay elf sex really only gets confirmed well into the series. But it's foofy and there's no danger of the author falling down a hiatus hole.

On the (mostly) hetero front there's always steampunk sexrobot romp Chester though again, the second chapter looks like it's attempting to hint at male/male content.
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Best answer: I loooove Oglaf - funny, and *quite* dirty. I'm not sure if it counts as elegant, but the artwork is fantastic. nsfw!
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I second Oglaf, someone recommended it on askme recently. Very erotic, gorgeous artwork, and sooo funny.
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I don't read it, but the lady who does Oglaf also does Platinum Grit, which seems to fit the 'elegant' requirement.
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nthing oglaf....sooo dirty...mmm...succubi.
this one (which isnt actually dirty at all) is my favorite.
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Does "Fabulous" mean "gay"?

It isn't gay, but Dresden Codak is IMHO fabulous. It's been running a long time, and it updates even less often than weekly, but if you see what the art looks like you can understand why each page takes a long time.
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Best answer: Curvy is nsfw and cute! I think it has all possible gender pairings. It's more of a lighthearted romp, but you might like it.
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Best answer: Menage a 3 is more of a sex comedy than anything, but Gisele Lagace does the most gorgeous line art in webcomics. The focus is primarily on heterosexual and lesbian pairings, but there are a lot of great storylines featuring the gay and bisexual men of the cast. The writing was a little shaky to start off, but it's gotten really good in the last couple of years. (Really, anything Gisele Lagace has worked on fits my definition of elegant and sexy. Eerie Cuties is generally less sexual, but great fun if you're into adorable horror tropes.)

Seconding The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, and Chester 5000.
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Best answer: Shiniez's unnamed comic about several people and BDSM. It focuses on on the new S/M relationship of two women, Lisa and Allison. The art is gorgeous (if a little shiny sometimes). The writing can have errors in it, but it still comes across as genuine.
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Anything slipshine. Costs $ though
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Response by poster: Fabulous doesn't necessarily mean gay - just wonderful and perhaps a bit over the top.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far!!
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