Where to rent van in DC
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Where can I rent a 15 passenger van in the Washington DC area?

Some friends and I are going on a 1000 mile (round trip) 5 day trip at the end of July. I want to rent a 15 passenger van so we don't have to take multiple cars. There will only be 7-10 people in the van, but with luggage and stuff a 15 seater will just be more comfortable for the 9 hour drives. I'm having trouble locating anything under $900 (plus gas!).

Are there any options out there more on a budget? I remember getting these all the time for church trips and college groups years ago, but now I can't find anything in a decent price range. Please help!
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more on a budget

Your current cost for the rental is $18-26/day per person, plus gas; that doesn't seem out of a "decent" price range.
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We rent these for my son's preschool. $300 for a half day. (Like 9-noon).
Call limo companies.
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If you're on the lower end (7-8) a 12 passenger van should be totally suitable, easier to find, and from my experience they are far easier to drive.
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What I understand from a lot of churches in my area is that 15 passenger vans are becoming more scarce because they're not very safe. Most churches I know have either sold theirs or taken the back seat out to make it seat only 12. So higher insurance prices may be why you're having a harder time finding one for cheap.

Doesn't solve your problem, but there you have it.
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Thrifty out at National should rent them (or did in 2010).
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