Lunch and a soccer match between JFK and Cold Spring Harbor
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Please help me eat a good lunch and watch the Euro Cup final this Sunday while I'm traveling between JFK Airport and Cold Spring Harbor Labs via Syosset station and the Long Island Railroad.

Whoever scheduled this school is clearly not a soccer fan. Assuming no flight delays, I should land at JFK around noon and will take the AirTrain to Jamaica Station. From there, I plan to take the LIRR to Syosset Station and then a cab or shuttle to CSHL proper by about 6 pm. Between the beginning and the end of that trip, I want to have a tasty lunch and watch the soccer game, starting at 2:45. I'll have some luggage and will be going to NYC for a few days later, so I'd prefer to stay close to these transit locations.

This breaks into a couple of sub-parts then:
1) Should I have lunch by Jamaica Station or is there somewhere good by the station in Syosset? In either case, where would you suggest? Budget isn't a huge deal, but I like for pricier options to have been worth it.
2) To get to CSHL by 6, I should probably watch the game in Syosset or at CSHL itself. What might a good option be for the former, or does anyone know if the latter is easy? For instance, at the institute where I am now, a lot of people gather around a big projector to watch the games, even in the middle of the workday. And if those options are intractable — or the game goes into penalties — I'm sure no one would kill me for being a touch late.
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Best answer: From what little walking around the areas near Jamaica and Syosset, having lunch or hanging out in a bar there would not be my first idea. Plus having luggage will be inconvenient.

CSHL has a bar on site, and I would imagine the TVs woiuld be turned on to something like this then. There are lots of European researchers on site. You can try to call them in advance to find out—see if the main switchboard will connect you.
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Train to Williston Park (or Mineola for a longer walk with more trains), Lunch at Sripraphai in East Williston, Cab to CSHL. I'm 99% sure they have a TV call first.

Probably cost you an extra $20 cab fare, but its worth it. Assuming the game ends at 5-5:15 you will easily be in CSHL by 6.

Syosset will have fine options, but nothing too exciting. CSH itself will have a bar or two with the game on.
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What grouse said. Though I have no interest in watching sports, and am much more interested in exploring restaurants you can only find in New York (like the Carribean restaurants a mile or so from the Jamaica station), or one of the best Thai restaurants in the country, mentioned by JPD, there is a bar in CSHL, which will be open at that time, and would almost certainly have the soccer match on.
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