Multimedia school?
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Are there any universities/colleges/institutes that have an all-in-one program for video, photography, print and web design? My online searches have come up fruitless as most programs seem to be separated out. Location doesn't matter, nor does degree/diploma/certificate received. At the end of it I want to be able to shoot, light, edit, etc video and photos and understand and apply colour theory, typography, page layout, etc for print and web designs.
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The catch all degree for this would be a BA or BFA in Digital/Media Arts. You could try Chapman University, Ringling, Art Center, and RISD.
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In fact, feel free to MeMail me for more specific details about Ringling and Chapman. Happy to help.
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JMU has a BA in Media Arts and Design with a "Media Convergence" concentration that sounds like it's pretty close to what you're looking for.
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I'm not sure where you are located but U of Wisconsin - Stout has a great Multimedia Design program.
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Portfolio Center.
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Look into Purchase College in NY.
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You could cover all of those topics (to varying extent) in Electronic Media, Arts, and Communication at RPI in Troy, NY (BS EMAC 2001 speaking here).
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Arizona State has degrees in Graphic Information Technology.
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RISD student here -- we only have this sort of general "Digital Media" thing in the MFA program... I forget the exact name. No BFAs that are this broad in scope there.
That being said, I'm an illustration student who has taken classes in (and learned in a sort of secondary way via illustration classes) graphic design, typography, & web design. We also have photo classes for illustrators. I'm not suggesting you go be an illustration student, but you might look into being a photography or graphic design major and taking courses on the other side of things. Your portfolio matters a hell of a lot more than what your degree says you studied.

I have a friend at RPI who just graduated from EMAC, I think. Some sort of non-specific digital media stuff -- largely the place art, music, and tech intersect, in her case.
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