Where should we live in Austin?
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Where should we rent in Austin? Relevant details inside.

I travel for work and my partner works from home, so there is no commute to factor in.

We are a lesbian couple in our 30s-40s.

We would prefer a house with a yard for our small dog.

We love the outdoors.

Budget: 1000-1800 USD
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That budget is only going to get you a house in good condition with a yard on the east side, farther south (S of Oltorf St), or farther north (N of 51st) parts of Austin. The most central neighborhoods you would only be able to get an apartment, no yard, for that price. You may find the occasional duplex or mother-in-law setup in Hyde Park within your budget if you look hard and don't mind sharing the yard. If you choose farther south you might be able to find something within a mile or two of the greenbelt for great hiking and dog walking, but try to stay north of Ben White (way south is sketchy)
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Also, if being close to the airport is relevant for your frequent travel, south or east will be best.
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Thanks, slow graffiti, I mistyped and the budget is up to 1800. Is that more reasonable for what I'm looking for?
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I'd look just north of central - Allandale, Crestview, Brentwood, & north of Hyde Park. Or south, just S. of Ben White to the west of the railroad tracks, around Southwood mall, etc. I forget what that area's called, bit it's nice & low-key. Lots of long-term, yet working class type households in there. More E. towards S. First & Congress, it can get sketchy. South of Stassney, it gets into kinda old suburbia and isn't much fun.
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I live south of Oltorf and just east of 35 in a condo development that's in your price range; there are houses and condos with yards for rent around us too. I know you're not looking to purchase but my neighborhood, while some people might consider it a little sketchy, is probably in your target area.
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1800 will put you closer to finding a small house in the central neighborhoods if that's what you're after, but you could save money if being 10 minutes from downtown is not your priority. The areas immediately east of I-35 between 7th and 38th are gentrifying but still cheaper than the west side and will give you the most space for your buck, and are still relatively convenient to downtown. Overall Austin is pretty liberal and safe, but if you want the safest, most gay friendly part I would look into Hyde Park or South Austin north of Oltorf (but both are expensive).
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I am gay and have a dog and live just east of 35 and just north of 51st. While I loathe Cameron Road with every fiber of my being, that's the area I'd recommend due to prices. You can spend more to get a house in Hyde Park or near South Congress, but I'd rather save the money and still live someone that's centrally located (I can be downtown in 10 if 35 isn't a nightmare. Unfortunately, 35 is always a nightmare. Luckily, I don't go downtown much. However, it has never taken me more than 10 minutes to get to UT.). The area I'm in is gentrifying not quite as quickly as some other areas, but I'm right by Dell Children's Hospital and all of the offerings of the Mueller Development and there is about to be an HEB built about 3/4 of a mile south of where I live. I think this is going to be a pretty desirable area relatively soon, so get in before the prices increase. Some people may try to convince you that this area is unsafe, but I've never felt unsafe here.

Honestly, the only issue I see for y'all is that most of the really exciting outdoorsy activities are going to be further west, but honestly, Hyde Park isn't that much more convenient.
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Seconding Allandale, Brentwood, or Crestview (north of 45th St, west of Lamar). I live in a duplex with a side yard for less than your budget in Brentwood, and I love the neighborhood. It's very friendly and convenient to downtown, I-35, and MoPac. There are a lot of local shops and restaurants popping up here. The neighborhood is a mix of older folks who have lived in their homes for 30 years, working class families, and an influx of younger renters who want the convenience of living centrally without paying through the nose for Hyde Park or 78704.

In the Judgmental Austin map, this area is the "Lesbian Furniture" and "Overly Practical Gays" 'hood, which is funny if not quite accurate.
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