Birthday gift for the girl who seems to have everything!
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Birthday idea filter: need creative birthday ideas for a wonderful gal. As you might've guessed, it's coming soon - Wednesday to be exact. Difficulty: we're living in South Korea.

She's Canadian, goth, creative, a writer, an amateur Nikon DSLR photographer (I'm closer to the professional side) an avid XBox 360 gamer (I game iPad style), loves languages, has an iPad, and will be 32. We've dated for about 6 months now, and I'm cool with the $50-$100 (USD) range. A few ideas:

[Insert new FPS Xbox game]
[new casual two-player Xbox game we can play together]
~ iTunes gift card
~ filter for her camera

In case you're wondering about the South Korea bit, we're both English teachers (though not at the same school). Perhaps 95% of what's available in the US or Canada is available somewhere in Seoul, so availability shouldn't be an issue.

Creative ideas appreciated!
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Where in South Korea are you? Also, are you asking more about birthday presents or birthday experiences?
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casual xbox games you can play together - Plants Vs Zombies.
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How much siteseeing have you done? Does a trip to the DMZ with lunch afterwards sound interesting? (It wouldn't/didn't to me, but you never know.)

Perhaps an evening in a private Karaoke booth? Just you two, drinking and singing. Or even a little party of your mutual friends.

I loved the natural history museum and I don't think I got enough time there, (I can look at dioramas forEVER!)

Maybe commission a beautiful Hanbok


Those are the kinds of things I'd like.
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Perhaps not for the main gift, but if she's goth and enjoys makeup, she might appreciate a trip to the only brick & mortar location of NFU Oh, a nail polish brand that is known for its dark and sparkly colors. The other option is KONAD, which offers more along the lines of nail art & stamps. AFAIK the only official KONAD store is in Ilsan, but that may have changed.
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