Wall-mounted 2- or 2.5-speaker computer setup?
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Can anyone recommend a speaker set like the Logitech X230 that can be mounted on a wall?

I spend a lot of time in bed, and I noticed that the small speakers in my Logitech X230 set have screw holes in the feet for mounting, so I installed sockets in the wall behind my bed for that purpose. Now the speakers need to be replaced, and I'm hard pressed to find a set of stereo speakers, with or without woofer, that can be mounted in the same way. Is anyone aware of a set that fits the bill?
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I am not aware of a particular model of speakers that have the mounting points you describe, but is there some reason you can't just install some brackets or shelving or something and put your speakers (whatever speakers you want) on those? If you want a hidden mount point that should be possible as well -- it would be easy enough to epoxy a hanger of some sort to the back of the speakers and mount them with that.
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Brackets/shelving was plan B. I don't trust myself with epoxy, but that's an option too. I just figured it would be worthwhile to see if there are speakers like that on the market still, before doing anything else. I didn't see any when I looked, but it's such a huge market. I feel more confident now that another human being is confirming it. Thanks so much!

I'll mark this resolved if there's no other replies in another day.
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OK, marking as resolved. Thank you, Scientist!
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