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I'm looking for a knit bamboo hoodie for adults. Example inside.

I just picked up this hoodie for little G at a local shop and have decided that it is the softest most wonderful hoodie and I must have one. I have found a few different bamboo hoodies, but none of them are knit like this.

I recognize that it's off-season for this sort of clothing, but I figure I should still be able to find one online. Any idea where to look? My searching is not yielding great results.
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Do you know someone who knits and would make it for you if you provided the materials? I believe you can also commission artisans on Etsy to make things for you, if you can't find it for sale.
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I agree with commission one, but I would specifically look for someone who has a knitting machine. That sort of all one texture will take next to no time on a machine and you'll get a nice, even stitch which will wear well.
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