Somewhere Over the Rainbow... We'll have a bunch of kids needing to be entertained...
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We're having a rainbow-themed family reunion and I'd like to keep people moving with games. So far I've come up with RED Rover and a WHITE elephant. What other games have a color in the title?

I come from a big family and each year we attempt a theme for our summer gathering. This year's theme is rainbow with a color assigned to each sibling and their families. (For example, my aunt's family is asked to wear RED. My mom's family is asked to wear ORANGE, my uncle's family is asked to wear YELLOW...)

We have RED Rover and a WHITE elephant covered. What other games/activities can we play to keep with theme? Approximately 15 kids of grade school age and 35 adults will be there.
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You can tell I'm the parent of a toddler, but BLUE'S Clues? Not the toddler version, but maybe answering a question or riddle by finding clues and putting them together.

You can also make up a game to go with GREEN with envy.
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Red light, GREEN light. Hide and go PINK? Er...
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There's a handclapping/jumprope chant, "Miss Mary Mack, all dressed in black".

Croquet and bocce both involve different colored balls for each player.
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There's that game where you have to grip an orange between your chin and neck/chest and pass it to the next person that way without using hands and its a race between two or more teams to get all the way down their respective lines of people.
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Do they have to have colors in the titles? I mean, you could have a water balloon fight, do hula hoops, a dyed egg toss, croquet, flag football, beanbag toss, all sorts of things with lots of color, just not necessarily in the names. You could do like Pictionary, with big easel pads for group participation, and give each team their own team-colored markers. Squirt gun fights with team-colored plastic squirt guns?
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The color doesn't have to be in the name does it? There are games that use color to identify a player or team, including croquet and bocce. There's also twister.

Oh, I'm too slow, on preview, what xedrik said.
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Blue skidoo, you can too!
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On second thought, I don't think it needs to actually have the color in the name as long as the color is an obvious element.
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The two ways of playing "I Spy With My Little Eye" are by letter or by color - i.e. end the line with either "something that starts with (M)" or "Something (purple)". The color version might work for you.
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We used to play Black Tom when I was a kid.
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If color doesn't have to be in the name, you could play I Spy. "I spy with my little eye... something... purple" or "I spy with my little eye... something... that rhymes with ochre."
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If you're from Minnesota, you can play duck duck gray duck (it's what we did instead of duck duck goose). In that version, as you tap each person, you come up with a different kind of duck they are ... like "blue duck, purple duck, striped duck ..." etc.
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Twister seems like it would fit the bill.
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Thanks, everyone! This definitely helps.
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Hopefully your gathering hasn't already happened, I came up with this one the other day: Orange and spoon race. Use tangerines or small oranges, or use bigger spoons.
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