What are some great documentaries about entrepreneurs and startups?
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What are some great documentaries about entrepreneurs and startups? (Think: Startup.com, E-Dreams)

Looking for documentaries, and maybe even biographical movies (like Pirates of Silicon Valley) about startups, entrepreneurs, dot coms, business, etc.

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Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room is a great documentary dealing with the fall of Enron.
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The Enron doc seems to me to be the opposite of what he's seeking, in a couple ways :)

My own contribution is also a bit of a stretch: Revenge Of The Electric Car, playing recently on PBS and available on DVD. The documentary is structured around four major characters, two of which are A) the CEO of a new car company, and B) the proprietor of a very small EV conversion company.

It really is a great documentary, and I recommend it highly.
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This might not be the best fit, the TechStars has a documentary series that might fit your needs.
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Two I have seen besides what has been mentioned:

Startup Junkies is an episodic documentary about Earth Class Mail: http://www.mojohd.com/mojoseries/startupjunkies/

37signals interview with Slicehost founders: http://37signals.com/founderstories/slicehost
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Lemonade - it's a documentary about several people who got laid off and then had to start getting creative. It's been a while since I've seen it, but I believe several of them started their own businesses and ventures. I don't remember everything, but I remember enjoying it a lot!
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TED is quite a cool website too full of interesting video presentations from many successful types, it's not a documentary but may interest you
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