As a man of few hats, please help me find this adorable hat for the other Mr.Quesadilla.
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I would love to buy this hat for my man and am not sure where to start(crop of image by Joe Jervis at . A magical link to the exact hat in question would completely rock my world, but terms to narrow down my search would be great as well--I don't know the name for that style of hat or how to describe it's appearance. I do have his hat size. Thanks y'all!
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a GIS on "houndstooth fedora" brought up a lot of similar images.
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Looks like this hat, only in this colorway.
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Oh, maybe it's this hat.
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Goorin Bros. makes good fedoras in many colors and patterns.
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This is pretty similar.

Goorin's isn't showing a herringbone (that's the pattern in the picture) in any of its hats, though this is sharp in a similar way. Search terms you want are "herringbone" and "fedora" or "trilby".
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Looks like there's a Goorin Bros. store in Portland— if it's anything like the one in Seattle, the range of styles they carry is kind of narrow, but that hat is squarely within it.
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I pretty sure Sidhedevil has it! As always I'm amazed by the depth of y'alls knowledge and the fact that in just 22 minutes I'm placing an order via a magical link. Thanks awesome internet people.
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I'm pretty sure that my spouse has this hat (or one that's a dead ringer for it). Looking at the label, his is a Stetson Whitehall (color: gray mix) hat. He bought his at Salmagundi in Boston, but you might be able to order from Stetson directly.
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I am pretty sure it's this hat.
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Thanks again Sidhevil, the hat arrived and not only is he damn cute in it, he loves it!
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