80-year old wine?
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I thinking of giving this as an 80th birthday present. But can it really be OK? I realise that in spite of being called 'vin doux naturel' it is fortified - but eighty years?

I know there are wines kept in a solera type of system where a sequence of barrels is gradually topped up, each from the next newest and so on, so that an ancient vintage may end up with only a small proportion from the named, original year. But this doesn't seem to be like that.
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If it's fortified, I don't see why not. I've had madeira that old and it was fantastic.
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It was bottled in 2011. If it was drinkable then, it's fine now.
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Oh yes. Definitely (scroll down) for the Wine Society's view (almost indefinite) and there are several French wine blogs in support and the Wine Doctor is also positive about the old ones.
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I would drink that. Slowly, reverently, and with a nice cigar.
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I've never had this wine, but as languagehat notes - it's a fortified and it was bottled in 2011 which, because it's fortified, means that the producers feel it's now ready to be enjoyed.

If you have a little time... I would look for something else. Highly recommend some of the vintage Madeira. This one is a bit more expensive but not outrageously so.

Also, I'm not sure where you are, but in many corners of the world you can find fine wines being sold at auction. Might be worth contacting an auction house to see if they know of any vintage madeira or ports that you might be able to lay your hands on.
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Does the recipient like sweet wines? This will be sweet.I've had a Tokay from 1940 (Massandra) and it was really nice, but at $600.+ a bottle....well...a good thing it was a distributor friend who invited me for a tasting. I certainly appreciated the experience.

I would prefer a single malt for 1/6th the price, frankly, but it sounds like a good idea for an 80th.
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Thanks to all for the good advice.
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