Where in Toronto can I buy a flask?
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Where in Toronto can I buy a 3 oz. liquor flask in the next couple of days? And, if that doesn't work out, is it safe/okay to reuse a glass bottle that size to carry my booze around? I bought a flask sized bottle earlier and found it to be the perfect size for me.

I am leaving town in a few days, and would like to take some of my favorite bourbon. And I'm going to be in situations where...well, let's just say it'll be easier if I can drink a little. So I need a flask, soon!

3 oz. is the ideal size for me, and also one that I could potentially fly with if necessary.
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I got one at Dollarama. It's served me well for two years.
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Squeezey lemon juice bulb.

It's not classy but it's cheap, stealthy, and the plastic will harm your liquor less than metal.
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Absolutely no reason that you can't reuse a glass bottle - after all, beer is packaged in reusable bottles!
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Mountain Equipment Co-op has them it says right here. Good price, too!
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If that glass bottle is the right size and shape for you then you should totally reuse it. This seems like a no-brainer to me. It's glass, of course it's reusable. I suppose that depending on what kind of cap it has it might not be reusable forever but it's certainly reusable until the cap falls apart or you break it.
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Or there's this one if want to go higher end. Or try the army surplus store in Kensington Market.
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Please note that drinking in public is discouraged by law in Ontario. Discreet use of a flask may be permitted, but being caught walking down the street with an open container (or worse, attempting to bring an open container onto a subway/streetcar) will result in confiscation and a hefty fine.

I'm sure you'll be okay with a flask, just be aware that there are very conservative people here who will rat you out for "walking around with a stinky beer bottle" if given the chance.

Per your actual question, there are several retail stores in and around the Toronto Eaton Centre where you can buy a fancy flask.
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You can buy fancy ones at those Things Engraved stores that are in most of the malls. Or, you could buy a flask-sized bottle of alcohol in a plastic flask at the LCBO. If they don't have your favorite bourbon, you can just get something else, empty it out and refill it. That will be less classy than a metal flask, but quite likely cheaper, given the markup at Things Engraved.
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The liquor store where you buy the bourbon?
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Seconding things engraved. Nice ones in the $20-40 range.
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The liquor store where you buy the bourbon?

The LCBO sells almost nothing that is not an alcoholic beverage.
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I'm in Manitoba, where the liquor commission sells nothing that isn't actual alcohol, so it's a similar legal situation to Toronto. I bought a flask in a Dollar store.
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This is another good option from MEC:


I owned one of these for years, and it works very well - integrated cap, so it's impossible to lose.
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