looking for therapist recommendations in Chicago
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does anyone know of a good therapist in chicago?

I'm a female, just turned 27, and have recently moved to Chicago. I've been going through Ye Olde Quarter Life Crisis, and decided that it would be beneficial for me to talk with someone.

i'm looking for a therapist, preferably female, that takes blue cross, who is good with talking out, analyzing, and conceptualizing general life issues with a high-functioning type of person - doing life coaching, addressing old messed-up family dynamics and personal demons, career counseling, all of those sorts of things. i'm in lakeview and don't have a car, so fairly accessible by public transportation would be helpful, too.

throwaway email: quarterlifecrizzle@yahoo.com

Feel free to ask for more details if needed. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!!
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I can't think of anyone off the top of my head but have you tried looking through here: Psychology Today's Therapist Directory?

They let you break down therapists by area, gender, issues they treat, insurance they will accept, cost/whether or not they will do a sliding scale, and treatment approach. You can email them as well.
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Jason T. McVicker, LCSW, RDDP
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Woops. Posted early. It's a male, but he's great and in your area. Smart and a really great listener, proactive and works with you to figure out what you want, what you need and has you participate in planning your path so to speak.

I'm a female and I still feel very comfortable with him despite the fact that I initially wanted a female therapist...

Give him a try! At the very least he can give you names of others. He's open like that.
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try dr. howard alt.
another guy but he's really awesome. doesn't lecture. very calm. I'm super super picky about therapists and I like this guy. his office is right on michigan ave by the apple store. let me know if you need his number.
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