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Bulls Head Staten Island. How to get there from manhattan?

I need to get to a facility in Bulls Head Staten Island. Is it possible to get a cab at the st george ferry terminal at 6 am on a monday? Will there be a wait? Is there a cab stand? Anything I should know? Is there a number to call for a cab? Thanks!
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Looks like there's a taxi stand, or you can take the S62 bus, which comes every 15 minutes that time of day.
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There is a taxi you can call or you can wait for the bus. Where are you going and what time do you have to be there by exactly?
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Response by poster: I am going to 10 Teleport Drive. I need to be there by 6:45. Whats the phone number? Any idea on what this trip would cost?
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Best answer: So I fired up Google Maps, and this is what I got, for getting from the ferry terminal to the location by bus:

Driving is a bit easier; it's about 8 miles, which means if you take a taxi it'll be about $18.50, plus time at lights, and then tip.

You're going to probably want to be at the ferry terminal for the 5AM ferry, the 5:30 may not work out so well for you. There should be signs; I haven't been through the terminal in a few years, but if you look for the S76, S86, S74, S84, S51 and S81 buses, they stop at the taxi stand now during some construction, so that should help you find it....

aha! - there's the announcement of the bus change and there's a map showing where the taxi stand is.

hope this helps!
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Best answer: If I were making that trip, I'd make very sure to print out car directions from St George via South Ave -- your average cabbie will not know how to get to Teleport.

If you're going to take a bus, do not take the S62. Can't get in that way without walking around the whole fenced complex. Take the S46 or S96. They don't pull into the Teleport complex in the morning, but they stop out front on South Ave, and you can walk from there.

Personally, I would take the bus. Buses are very fast going outbound at 6 AM. You'll have no problem getting a cab away from the terminal, though -- most people are taking cabs to the ferry, not the other way around.

If you're coming from Brooklyn, consider a cab from Bay Ridge -- might be easier, especially if you have a black car meet you.
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Er, at that hour of the morning it's just the S46 -- no S96.
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