What's the fastest, best home internet I can get in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY?
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What's the fastest, best home internet I can get in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY?

Specifically in central Williamsburg. I've currently got Verizon. And it sucks. It's always been mediocre in a just-good-enough-not-to-bother-switching sort of way, but lately it's been terrible. And I'm ready to be done with them.

What are my options? I've been poking around, but maybe some Williamsburger MeFites have some good experiences. The faster the better. And reliable. And I'm willing to go expensive -- I live on the internet and I want something very good.

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PS: I'm using Verizon's standard-issue home service. As far as I'm aware FIOS isn't available in the area, yet (unless you've heard differently).
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I believe the answer is... Time Warner. Unfortunately. Annoying as heck; good Internet.
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Seconding Time Warner. Worst customer service ever, Internet is super.
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If you're willing to go expensive, you might look into business and commercial providers.
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I researched this recently and yes among home providers it was Time Warner. I ended up going with Clear 4G and am really pleasantly surprised at the speed, but it sounds like it wouldn't be enough for you. Of course, the best part is not having to have anything to do with Time Warner.
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You should be able to get Time Warner DOCSIS 3.0 service - I believe the brand name is Road Runner Extreme - for about $20 more than standard service (for 30mbps. There's an even faster option for more $$).

The service is excellent and much more consistent than the standard Roadrunner service (i.e. the speed doesn't seem to go down during peak hours, unlike the standard service I used to have).
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Thanks, iamscott. A little research and that Extreme or Ultimate internet option by Time Warner seems decent.

They won't give *minimum* transfer rates, though, which bugs me. Especially since Verizon did give minimums -- and then stuck to them, never giving any service above that. To me, "Up to 30Mb/s!!!" really means "The slowest we can get away with -- but definitely never more than 30Mb/s!!!".

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It's actually pretty consistent! By comparison, before I got it I couldn't stream Netflix movies during peak hours on my Roku. Now they all come through in the highest quality. And they're pretty reasonable about not making you sign contracts (unlike Verizon). I generally think Time Warner Cable is the devil, but have been pleasantly surprised by the RR Extreme internet.
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