What's a clever gift for a couple jointly celebrating their 40th and 50th birthdays?
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I'm looking for ideas for a gift for a couple jointly celebrating their 40th and 50th birthdays.

I'll be attending a party tonight for a married couple who are celebrating the husband's 50th and wife's 40th birthdays. Do you have any ideas for clever gifts? They are fairly well off and enjoy traveling, wine, and gardening, if that helps with any ideas. Generally, they have conventional tastes. They aren't close friends and we were invited late, hence the last minute request. I'd like to spend $50 or less but would spend a little more for a clever idea. I've thought of a 40-50-90 triangle (but I can't see how to work that into to a gift!), or maybe some sort of 180 proof liquor (add their ages to get the alcohol percentage), or even, thanks to Google, something to do with the 50-40-90 Club in basketball, but I'm hoping you'll have some clever ideas you can share. Thanks.
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Don't work so hard.

Perhaps a nice bottle of wine, or a gift card to a restaurant they might enjoy.

At our age, we're not really about acquiring stuff, we're more about experiences.
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Instead of 40 and 50, something about 45? Or ten, one for each year apart in age. Ten of something? A ten-piece something? What about those charms for wine glasses for parties?
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