Nicknames on my Android
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My phone is driving me nuts filter: How can I search by nickname on my HTC One S Android phone?

I love my new HTC One S, except for its volume button which is positioned so it gets accidentally pressed all the bloody time and also turns the phone off silent, which is awkward in meetings. But that's not what I'm asking about.

In the HTC contacts list you can enter a name and you can enter a nickname. So I laboriously entered all my phone numbers from a wide range of electronic and paper sources, as well as the nicknames I actually know people by. But it looks like you can't search by nickname at all, meaning Aunty Popo won't get her Eid phone call this year unless I magically remember her actual name which isn't Aunty or Popo.

Are there any workarounds? Apps I can install? A better contact sorting app to replace this one? Or must I simply suck it up as the rest of the internet seems to suggest?
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The default recommendation for a replacement contact/phone app is generally Go Contacts EX. I don't know if it does nicknames specifically (I tried it out for a bit but preferred the standard program), but the description says you can search for contacts by "keyword," so even if that doesn't include the "nickname" field specifically there should still be something you can type "Aunty Popo" into and be able to find it later.
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Can you use the phone's search function? It's supposed to search your contacts, as well as apps and media. FWIW I just looked up a nickname on my Android (Galaxy Nexus) and it came up in both the contacts app (aka "People") search function and a phone-wide search.
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zombieflanders, just tried the phone-wide search, which does pick up nicknames, thanks. Will use that unless I move to a different contacts app.

Holy Zarquon's Singing Fish, I'll try Go Contacts, thank you.

I was rather hoping to find a way of searching from the phone's own contact list, but I'm glad there are workarounds, so thank you both.
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My Android just works. To confirm procedure:

Open up the phone app.
Switch to the Contacts tab.
Press the search button.
Begin typing nickname.

My Nexus One is rooted, running Cyanogenmod 7.1 (slightly old), and has version 2.3.7 of the normal Contacts application.
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Don't know if it's just a Samsung thing but on the Galaxy if you use the digit keys to enter letters (single press style) it searches the contact names and then lists the contact options for them.
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Sorry, meant to make it apparent that I meant when you select phone and lets you dial, using the keypad to write a name searches the contacts.
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