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Can you help me find (a) Mr. Bun? Beloved childhood toy, gone these many years....

Someone gave me Mr. Bun when I was wee, and I loved him with all my heart. He was actually a plastic piggy bank (odd toy, but I was an odd child) and left behind in one of many early childhood moves. Lately I've been thinking I'd like to find another large yellow plastic rabbit piggy bank on eBay or something, but needless to say google's not much help with this.

If anyone will know, MeFi will.... thanks from 2-year-old me.
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I don't suppose he's this guy, by any chance?
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Response by poster: Sadly, no. And I should have been clearer ... only an exact Mr. Bun (his brand name was probably not Mr. Bun) will do. No other large yellow plastic rabbit piggy banks need apply.

I hope he has a lot of tooth marks like my Bun did, too.
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1. That is not the innocuous, cutesy image search one might imagine.

2. You might try these Flickr pools/groups - they have members representing various interest levels in vintage Easter and someone might be able to help you.

3. I thought it was this guy for a bit, but that's clearly all wrong.

4. It seems like this should be so much easier to find! I remember these being in thrift stores forever, and it seemed like you could still get them at Woolworth's and the like up into the mid-'70s, at least.
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I can't find Mr Bun but I would bet he was made by Reliable Toys. What do you think? For comparison, lion and puppy.
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This was close, but no cigar.
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Also: what year was that photo taken?
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Response by poster: You guys are amazing! The Reliable is close, but batmonkey's links led me to blowmolds by A.J. Renzi. Can't find Mr. Bun but they seem to have made a lot of really large plastic banks in a similar style. So maybe he's a Renzi? I'll try the Flickr pools, too.

The photo was taken in 1967, I think.

I know it's a dumb hunt, but there are no toys from my childhood and I *really* loved that rabbit.
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It looks like like there's one on etsy but it's pink. I would keep an eye on etsy though, stuff like that pops up frequently.
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Mr. Bun was wearing a top hat, wasn't he? As people are pulling up hatless buns, it might be worthwhile to note that.
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Why not talk to some vintage toy dealers in your area? They might charge you a small fee for their time, but they would most likely be able to at least tell you what make/model Mr. Bun might have been.
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I had that same rabbit, I think. I can't seem to find one for sale anywhere on the internet, but I would suggest you keep trying. It seems like those guys were ubiquitous during my childhood (early-mid 1970s.)

Searching for "Plastic Easter Rabbit" did get me some top-hatted bunnies (though not a match). And I do think you are correct - the Renzi molds I have seen look exactly like your Mr. Bun.

I imagine they do come on the market from time to time, and one is sure to pop up sometime. Don't give up. I do know someone who collects this sort of thing - I can ask if he has one or has seen one.
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Not him? Maybe?
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But even if we don't find him immediately, you have the tools to do so :

You know he was made in the 1950s-1960s
You know the technique (blow mold)
You have some good leads on the company that made him (also try Rosbro; they seem to have some similar designs)
And you have a bunch of internet people keeping an eye out for him.
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I don't know about it being a Renzi; the Renzi Mr. Bun I found looks different from your Mr. Bun.
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That Renzi looks an awful lot like this Rosbro., sans pants.

I haven't found any Renzi rabbits that look like Mr. Bun, but some of their other figures have very similar features (I am especially thinking of the eyes and the way that the ears and hat are molded together.)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the continuing help! I've emailed almost every dealer linked and a few vintage toy dealers. I promise that when Mr. Bun and I are reunited, I'll post the embarrassing photographic proof.
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Does this duck bank look similar?

It might help, since it's a little hard to see Mr. Bun's face, but from what I can tell from the body posture and eyes, they appear to be from the same series. Unfortunately, the auction doesn't say who the manufacturer is.

This image from that auction brought back some pretty visceral memories of the smell of dirt and plastic and of satisfying thumping sounds. And the flavor of al dente ears.
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