Want to surf pictures of cute outfits like an ADD squirrel on PCP.
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What are some good resources for looking at many different stylish outfits quickly and efficiently? I want lots of inspiration bang for my time buck!

Sometimes I get outfit-block and just need to look at a bunch of pictures to get inspired to mix/layer clothes that I wouldn't have thought to put together.

What are some better ways to do this? Right now, I try women's fashion blogs that are less words, more pictures: Atlantic-Pacific and Fashiontoast come to mind as examples. Sometimes I just get frustrated and try Google image searches of stylish people, which obviously don't yield consistent results. I also imagine Pinterest would be GREAT for this, but I don't know who or what boards are the best to follow! Or maybe Flickr?! Any ideas?

Way too much frenzy for a question about pictures of clothes, I realize, but I JUST WANT TO IMPRINT IMAGES OF CUTE OUTFITS ON MY BRAIN!!!
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I like fashion magazines for this. Or catalogues.

InStyle and Real Simple are great because they show the trend on the runway, then they show you how to wear it IRL.

InStyle for sure.
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I particularly like this user.
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The front page of Polyvore has "top sets" automatically loading and you can scroll down for dozens and dozens, as well as typing terms into the search bar for sets and collections. Like, I can select to search the sets, and search for "t-strap" or "solstice" or "chevron" and in each case it'll give me pages upon pages of outfits to peruse and refine my search on.
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Looking at cute outfit pictures is basically the very thing that Pinterest was invented for.* You can search for specific terms ("high-waisted shorts") or just browse the Women's Apparel channel, or browse around in general and find users whose style you like and follow their fashion boards.

*Looking at cute outfit pictures — and looking at impossibly white-balanced wedding photos, and remarkably twee yet appealing craft projects, and exquisitely plated recipe ideas, and oddly typeset inspirational messages, and and and ...
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Aha, I didn't read your post closely enough. Here's how I find things and people on Pinterest:

1. I search for a general term. Like, say, summer denim.

2. Then I find a pic I like. Like this one.

3. Then I see what board it was from, and if I like most of what I see, I follow that board.

4. Then whenever I log in to Pinterest, my front page is populated with stuff I pretty much always really love!
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Chictopia.com is an ootd (outfit of the day) focused site.
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This may be old, but I always liked Wardrobe Remix on flickr.
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