Cloud Based Document Management System
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Cloud based Document Management System (DMS): what is the lastest and greatest (Mid 2012)?

I looked through the archives before asking, but a lot of the responses came from 2009 which is like two decades in the IT world.

I'm looking for a cloud based DMS for my org. I have about 125 users, all using OSX and Google Apps. My users are spread all over the US.

Basic Needs: Lives in the cloud, Easy to use interface, have version control, and strong permission control. Nice to have: Google Apps integration.

So far I've seen SpringCM, LaserFiche, Knowledge Tree, and something awful called SafeView.

Google Drive seems to be heading in the right direction, but I dont have the Administrative control needed for something like this.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Might Cloudlock add enough to Google Drive to give you what you need? Don't use it ourselves (yet), but have heard from others who do.
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Response by poster: Cloudlock seems to be all about compliance and auditing, not quite the same as document management. But thanks for the reply.
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Response by poster: Ok everyone, I went with Egnyte.

Excellent permission control, will store all types of content- not just docs (audio, video, etc), version control, Google Apps integration, integration.

Thanks for everyones input
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