Dogs have wet noses. Last I checked, I am not a dog.
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I sweat a lot...on my nose. It is awkward. Is there any way to mitigate this?

Hi folks. I am a lifelong nose sweat-er. On a day-to-day basis, no matter the weather (sunny, rainy, snowy, whatever), when I'm moving at a pace faster than a leisurely stroll and don't have a fan or A/C blowing directly on my face, I will end up with perspiration beads on my nose. When it's summertime and hot and humid (as it tends to be on the east coast), this gets worse, and I will literally have sweat pouring off of my nose. In addition to probably being really unattractive, it's also uncomfortable. It causes my sunglasses (or my glasses on my non-contact lens days) to slide down my face, and it's difficult to wipe off when I'm in mid-task (or rushing to the subway), and it also tickles. By the time I'm able to sit down and mop my nose off, I also invariably will have sweated off whatever makeup was on my nose, leading to interesting contrasts in skin tone and blotchiness between my nose and the rest of my face.

This has been a problem since I was a kid, and I remember it being something that my mother dealt with as well. I am getting really tired of it. I keep a fan running in the bathroom while I am getting dressed and dealing with my hair and makeup, which is all well and good, but then by the time I leave the apartment and get to my car - which is about a 15 second walk and no more than 20 yards from my front door to my parking spot - my nose will be wet. Walking from the subway station to my office - another 15 second walk - causes the same thing. If I am running late for anything and moving faster than usual, it gets worse. I run for exersize, and by the time I'm finished with my run there is basically a puddle on my face in the nose area - no matter the weather. This is the only part of my body that sweats in a noticeably way. It can be 96 degrees and humid outside, and I won't end up with pit stains or sweat marks on my back, but I will have a nose that is dripping. Literally dripping. It is gross and I hate it.

Is there anything I can do about this? I use Tom's of Maine deodorant on my armpits - no anti perspirant, as it's never seemed necessary. Should I be putting some kind of anti perspirant on my nose before I leave the house? Is that crazy? Do I put it on under or over makeup? Won't it clog my pores and cause breakouts? If this is not the solution...what else can I try? It's getting to be pretty downright summer-y these days, and I am getting desperate. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

I'm also curious to know if this particular nose sweating phenomenon happens to anyone else. As of right now, aside from my mother, I know no one else who has this problem, and in my daily travels I see no one else who seems to have this problem. I feel like a freak.
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Try This Stuff (The Body Powder)

It works so well at repelling sweat (I have Hype hydrosis and with this stuff I can chuck out my medical grade antiperspirant and use it no problem). It goes on light, not noticeable and it doesn't smell strongly.

Good luck.
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OH! And you don't need to reapply it throughout the day. Once in the morning is fine.
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I'm also curious to know if this particular nose sweating phenomenon happens to anyone else.

Yes, other people experience nasal hyperhidrosis. Knowing the terms might help in your search for a solution.
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A little googling told me that celebrity stylists often use a clear solid antiperspirant on their clients under makeup. Hopefully an antiperspirant wouldn't clog your pores any more than wearing makeup does if you were diligent about washing your face every night. It would make sense to get a sensitive skin kind, I'm thinking Dove.
There's also specific products for this kind of thing: Facade, Neat Face Saver
I hope some other folks can share their experiences with using these before you give them a try. Good luck!
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Blotter paper. It is small, thin, fits in your purse, and is specifically designed to pick up oil and sweat without disturbing makeup.
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Pat your nose with a paper towel.
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Hopefully an antiperspirant wouldn't clog your pores any more than wearing makeup does if you were diligent about washing your face every night.

I don't agree. An antiperspirant will most definitely clog your pores more than makeup, as antiperspirant is designed to clog sweat ducts. I think putting Sercret or Dove on your nose would stop your sweating problem, but in return expect some breakouts.

What about eye primer? I get really sweaty eyelids and eyeprimer (I have cheap stuff from Palladio) keeps them dry all day. It's undetectable, and you can wear it alone even when your not wearing makeup. I bet it would work on your nose.
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So ideally I think you want something that does not overly clog pores, yet redirects sweat beads around your nose instead of down it. If that is the case, you might want to try using facial moisturizing lotion and drawing a path with it to where you would like the sweat to go instead (eg. from the crown of your nose down and down the sides). Since the moisturizer *may* create an invisible path of least resistance, the beads *may* follow the path. This is all conjecture however...I'd love to hear if it works. It seems simple enough to try out at least once!
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Danithegirl, I'm interested in trying the powder that you recommend, but I'm just curious--does the flavor make a difference. I hate cherry-flavored things and am not sure I'd want that on my (perpetually sweaty) face. Also I suspect my husband would think that giving me a smooch would be like taking Robitussin.
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Read "?" at the end of first sentence, please. I must be feeling flat-affect today.
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I have very oily skin, and this shine stopper product from Paula's Choice did wonders. I went from having to blot my skin at 10am to not having to do it until very nearly the end of the day.
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I was also going to suggest just using clear anti-perspirant on your nose
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I don't have a solution for you, but can confirm that my night year old's nose is frequently beaded with sweat. Her solution is to wipe it off on her t-shirts. Perhaps not age appropriate for you, however.
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