Where can I buy a suit and get it tailored in NYC?
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I'm travelling to NYC next week and I'm in the market for a new suit. Where should I go?

I'm vacationing in NYC and I am in the market for a new suit; light-grey, wool, pinstripe if possible and three piece if possible, but I am flexible. I fly in on Wednesday and out again the next Tuesday.

I have an atypical frame (broad shoulders, thin waist and long arms) and most off-the-rack options are either too short in the arms or too big in the body.

Where should I go to get a good deal and that would be able to tailor in that time? I'll be staying near W 71st and Columbus and don't know the city terribly well, so the closer the better. If there is a particular store that has off-the-rack that would fit someone like me, definitely open to that.

Budget is around $1,000, but less is more.
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I just bought a made-to-measure from Suit Supply on Broome Street for about 60% of your budget. They may not be able to work on your timeline for made-to-measure, but it's definitely worth checking out for the selection and the service. They have tons of off-the-rack for you to check out, and the salespeople are really knowledgeable.
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I just bought off the rack from that same Suit Supply. They told me two months for made-to-measure; don't know how much they could speed that up, but to under a week doesn't seem likely.

Go, though, and try one of their Sienna model suits. That one is cut slimmer. They can take it in a bit, too, if necessary, and that within your time frame. They'll have everything in store that is on their web site, with more besides.
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With globalization I'm finding that shopping for clothing in big cities is pretty much the exact same thing as shopping for clothing in my locality.

In fact, I was excited about going to Macy's on 34th St, and was so disappointed that my neighborhood mall had such a better selection.

I also find that while 90% of what you see in your local mall is everywhere else in the world, that certain stores will stock certain items for a specific area. Seersucker suits here in the south for those hot, muggy summers. A full compliment of guyabera shirts in Miami. Sweaters in June in San Francisco.

I'd still recommend buying a suit in your area and having it tailored to you, rather than doing so out of town.
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Thanks for the responses so far; I should clarify I'm not looking for made-to-measure necessarily, but if there's a rack option like Suit Supply that mostly fits and they have an on-site tailor, that's perfect too.
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Mr. Ned's is an affordable old school tailor in NYC. However their turnaround time won't meet your needs.
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Bergdorf Men's! Second floor!
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For under 1k you can get a suit from Jos A Bank that'll be tailored very well. Be aware, though, that their suits tend to be tailored in an older more traditional style (high waist, ample room in the abdomen for the jacket, very low cuff on the legs), but take a look online at their suits to see if you like the way they tailor them. They often do an unannounced sale that if you walk in you can get a tremendous discount, but even without that they have fantastic suits for around $800 or even less.
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ok...they don't have a lot of suits (mostly super-chic casual wear), but they have VERY few stores and they DON'T do mail order...grar
you. must. go. (even if only b/c i can't) (my friend got an uh-mazing down jacket there...it weighs about an ounce and wads up small enough to fit in yr pants pocket...it's like a special effect!)
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oh...and barney's...your budget may limit you to the sale rack there, but they always have great stuff.
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I've had good luck at Century 21, and I am fairly sure alterations are available, although I can't speak to the turnaround time. Several locations, including one up by Lincoln Center near you, but the humongo one by Ground Zero is probably your best bet.

But -- it can be hit and miss. On the whole, though, I've had good luck. Service is pretty good upstairs in the men's department -- they know their shit. Very well organized.
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Thanks everyone. I am back from the city with a great Sienna suit from Suit Supply. They were knowledgeable and the turn around for tailoring was two days. Amazing suit and fit for $780. Definitely recommend visiting David in particular who is a very skilled designer and eye.
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